If you are interested in purchasing some of Leslie’s art work such as watercolor prints or foil prints, please check out Leslie’s Etsy shop LeslieWritesItAll. Leslie’s lettering guide can also be found on Etsy shop, personally packaged by Leslie herself and ships both domestically and internationally. The guide is boxed and ready to be gifted for yourself or a loved one.



Leslie’s lettering guide “Modern Calligraphy: A Beginner’s Guide to Pointed Pen and Brush Pen Lettering” is available for free shipping to Prime Members on Amazon as well. 

What you get in the book:

• Total pages: 114 pages
• Tools for pointed pen and brush lettering (including a list of my favorite pens, papers, nibs)
• The basics of upstrokes, downstrokes, and common shapes
• Lettering guides with 3 ways to write each letter of the alphabet (includes step by step instructions for each stroke)
• Includes 20+ distinct examples of how to write each of the capital letters and 10+ distinct ways to write each lowercase letter
• Instructions on how to create your OWN distinct style of lettering by varying slant, changing spacing, or adding bounce
• Includes extra instructions on how to create bubble lettering, add shadows to letters, and create flourishes
• A list of resources on where to find supplies


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