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Painting Watercolor Leaves “HOME” Wall Art

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Strathmore Art in developing a creative watercoloring workshop for those learning to paint at home. Painting inside letters is such a fun and effective way of creating some cute signage or wall art for your home. 

This project is designed to be enjoyable for both beginners and more experienced painters.

Check out my YouTube video for a longer tutorial with additional instructions.

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DIY Embossed Journals

Embossing is so fun and my favorite part is watching the embossing powder melt. What’s more fun than being able to combine embossing with personalize projects in your own drawings and hand lettering? These DIY embossed journals are not only easy to do but really fun to make. The skills you’ll learn from this tutorial can definitely be applied to other projects like embossing gift bags, cards, and personalizing other gifts.

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Watercolor sky and floral drawings

I’m so excited to finally have a venue to show you guys the behind the scenes of how I make some of my watercolor pieces. I got a few new items to play with and sometimes inspiration strikes for me when I get new tools to play with.  I love combining ink with watercolor so you get a little bit of monochromatic drawing with a pop of beautiful color. 

Keep reading for a chance to win your own set of Sakura Koi watercolors and Pigma pens!

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Whimsical Watercolor Trees and Simple Floral Drawings

I am absolutely loving the combination of watercolors and line drawings lately. Watercolor is a great way to add vibrant colors to a piece of art and line drawing gives paintings some really cool definition. Here is a simple tutorial on how to make a whimsical watercolor piece with some simple floral line drawing.

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Mermaid Markers Review and Galaxy Lettering

Water brushes are such a fun tool to use for brush letter calligraphy. The chambers of these brushes are usually filled with water and dipped into ink or watercolors for lettering. These Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers take water brushes up a notch by pre-filling them with an assortment of fun colors. This review will go over how to use these pens as well as demonstrate some of their uses like making some galaxy lettering.

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DIY Ribbon and Embroidery Thread Tassels

Tassels are everywhere nowadays. They’re hanging off of everything from designer bags to fashionable earrings. The old, stuffy image of tassels hanging from old furniture pieces is a thing of the past. They’re so cute and adorable and come in a variety of colors of styles now. Plus, they’re relatively easy to make. So without further ado, here’s a tutorial on how to make your very own DIY tassels.

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Digitizing Handwriting Without Illustrator

Digitizing your work will open so many new doors. Products that are made by hand can be beautiful and bespoke but also time consuming. By learning how to digitize your work, you will be able to save time and also create reproducible prints.

I want to start by saying that I am NOT a graphic designer. In fact, I am still working on learning Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, but I haven’t quite mastered it yet. So for now, I have a very basic system for getting my pen and paper onto the computer. This is the very first method I used to get my handwritten work digitized and I find that it’s still really effective. From here, I can make reproducible prints or prints that can be easily foiled (see the how to DIY foil tutorial here).

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